Orlando Dog Training Success Stories!

Do you want to have a better behaved dog? If you do then you should take a look at some of the client stories who have worked with us here at Sunbelt in Orlando. We offer a training program like no other and we can help your dog get on the path to success and behavior balance!

Buster our one-year-old pit bull/rottweiler mix main problems were aggression toward other dogs and lack of basic obedience. He would run out the front door whenever it opened, growl at the neighbor’s dogs, and get overexcited when visitors came over. Thanks so Sunbelt’s customized training program we were able to get Buster’s behaviors under control and we are all so much happier for it!

Susan H.

Piper was a really good dog except she had issues when I left home. She could not be crated because she would try to get out of the crate and when left out of the crate she would be become destructive. Her separation anxiety was taking a huge toll on both of us. Then I found Sunbelt – after the consultation I felt so much better and knew there was hope for Piper and I. Thanks to the amazing program we were able to lower her anxiety level and she is so much happier and so am I.

Liz K.

We got a Great Dane named Rosco for our first dog, he was a great puppy but he had a bad habit of jumping and mouthing people. We knew this could not go on especially because of his size. Then we found the awesome trainers at Sunbelt. They explained the dog learning theory to us and taught us how to effectively communicate with Rosco and we are all so much better for it. Thank you so much Sunbelt!

Miller Family