In-home and Real World Dog Training 

Our Orlando in-home dog training programs addresses your dog’s behavior in the home, allowing you and your dog to be set up for success at the get-go. However, our in-home training goes beyond the home as well. We understand that while the dog may have some issues or annoying habits in the home, sometimes the real world becomes more challenging for dog and owner, amongst all the distractions and behavior triggers out there. That’s why our in-home dog training will also include “real world dog training” as well.

Real world dog training is distraction training, while all dogs in our training programs receive, no matter the behavioral issue. This is to ensure reliability within the dog, where we test the dog’s focus and competence even in distracting or stressful situations. For example, if we have a client that is aggressive toward dogs, we will eventually work toward having that dog perform training exercises among distractions, including other dogs. We will work toward the dog understanding that good behavior goes everywhere with them, even when other people or other dogs might be strolling by,

Sunbelt Dog Training Orlando will train your dog to handle real world situations.

Real world training for dogs and their owners!

Of course, we want to set the dog up for success, so before we do real world dog training, we start in-home so that we can acclimate the dog and have them prepped before exposing them to major distractions and triggers. If we were to take a dog out to a busy park for their very first training session, we would inevitably set them up for failure and frustration. Our eventual goal is for a dog to succeed in that type of environment, but we must equip them (and the owner!) for such a challenge. Once we cover the basics and give the owner control in controlled settings, that’s when we face the real world, with all its many distractions!

We get to real world training, we still take it at a pace that is best for the dog. For example while training with a dog trainer in Dallas, I had a dog named Clive who was terrified of other dogs, so much that he would bark aggressively if one so much as made eye contact with him. Clive excelled with his in-home training, but it was time to see how he would do in the real world with other dogs around. Because of Clive’s intense fear, we had to expose him to it, but we didn’t want to flood him with the triggers. When we took Clive to the park nearby, we knew there was a dog park where plenty of dogs would be playing. We wanted to work with Clive outside the dog park, to see if he can focus and calm down with other dogs running around close by. Instead, we started small — just walking him around the park, avoiding the dog park, and giving him gradual exposure through the occasional leashed dog that walked by with its owner. This was our way to address Clive’s issues, but without overwhelming him and setting him up to fail miserably.

With both the in-home and the real world portions of our training programs, we will also approach it based on your dog’s issues and everyone’s comfort levels. Our job is to always set both dog and owner up for success, not discouragement. Real world training will also be done, but we tackle it together with dog and owner so that the dog desensitizes and progresses, not revert back to former bad behaviors.

If your dog needs both in-home and real world dog training, call us at 800-649-7297 to set up your initial in-home consultation!