In-Home Dog Training

Orlando In-Home Dog Training 

The best way to achieve lasting results is by choosing in-home dog training for your dog. This ensures you have a direct hand in his education, in his normal environment, from the start. Since you will ultimately be the one handling your dog on a regular basis, in your home, this training method makes the most sense.

While group classes, or even the board-and-train method (where you send your dog away for a designated period of time to be trained), often work for basic obedience, they fail to address the individual problems an owner sees in their own home. If your dog always chews a particular piece of furniture, digs in your backyard, is unfriendly with the neighbor’s dog, refuses to stay out of your bed, etc., it would be impossible to address these issues in a place detached from the main focus of his problem.

While group classes and the board-and-train method tend to only see success in basic obedience training, in-home training has seen success in the following categories:

  • Aggression (towards humans, other dogs, siblings, in defense of food, etc.)
  • Excessive behavior (digging, chewing, barking, etc.)
  • Leash manners (lunging, pulling, etc.)
  • Multi-dog training
  • Anxiety (restlessness, fearful behavior, etc.)
  • General disobedience (coming when called, running out the door, etc.)
  • Poor manners (jumping on company, housebreaking, etc.)
  • Puppy training

Sunbelt trainers will travel to your Orlando, Florida area home to observe your dog in his own environment, get to the root of any behavioral problems, and give you the tools necessary to fix them. These tools will be customized so they work for you and your schedule and benefit your dog to the highest degree, making him another one of our in-home training success stories.

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