Dog Training for New Parents 

Here at Sunbelt Dog Training, we want to make sure your entire family is taken care of. For any dog owners that are looking to become parents in the near future, there are the inevitable questions and concerns that need to be addressed. We can not only address them, but bring your mind and your dog’s mind at ease!

New babies are always little bundles of joy. Their entrance into this world affects the whole family, including the pets. Most dogs have a natural instinct and instant connection with small children, but sometimes even with the most friendly dog, there is still a possible chance the dog might not understand or adjust well to a new pack member. The big changes a new baby brings can affect your dog tremendously. Without adequate communication, these changes can cause anxiety, aggression, fearfulness, destructive behaviors and other unwanted behaviors.

While there’s a chance no issues could arise, most parents don’t want to take any risks with their newborn. Our Orlando dog trainer, now offers the Cribs and Canines training program. Through this, our trainer will help prepare your dog for the arrival of the new baby, before the baby is even born! Along with this, she will also aid you as the owner and parent how to create and maintain a safe, consistent environment for your dog and baby.

dog training for new parents

With Cribs and Canines, all the basics (and more) will be covered, such as instilling proper manners (ie: no nipping, no snatching, no jumping, no aggression of any kind, etc). All dogs in the Cribs and Canines program is set up for success immediately so that they will soon learn to be desensitized to specific scenarios for the baby, such the as heeling along with the stroller, showing relaxed and respectful behavior when the owner’s attention is solely on the baby, and much more! Our goal is to meet YOUR training goals, and to create comfort and a bright future for your whole family!

If you think the Cribs and Canines training program is something your family needs, contact us! Our office can be reached at 800.649.7297 .