Aggressive Dog Training & Rehabilitation

Our Orlando Aggressive Dog Training Program

Change is Possible!

A dog owner’s worst nightmare is having their beloved pet labeled as “aggressive.” If your dog bites, barks, lunges, and/or growls, whether it’s around people or other animals, it may be time to give us a call. Sunbelt Dog Training’s professional trainers can ease your worry and restore your dog’s lovable personality.

You may recognize one or several of the following aggressive behavior catalysts in your dog:

  • Unfamiliar people
  • Unfamiliar pets
  • Sibling rivalry (litter mates or adoptive siblings)
  • Maternal instinct
  • General fear/anxiety
  • Territorial behavior (food, toys, space, etc.)

No matter what the cause, we can help!

At Sunbelt Dog Training, we don’t treat the symptoms of your dog’s aggression, we treat the root cause. This may be past experiences (coming from an abusive/neglecting home prior to your adoption), current home environment (antagonizing noises, etc.), or interactions with other pets/family members. It may also be something completely different.

This is why, like all of our training programs, the first step is an in-home consultation. We’ll meet with you and your dog to observe him in his normal environment, with his normal interactions, and get to the bottom of his issues. Once we’ve recognized the cause, we can then begin working on the solution, keeping you in control and your dog at ease in his own home throughout the program. We will create a detailed, customized lesson plan to ease your worries and help your dog overcome his aggression.

So, please, before you think about surrendering your pet, having them put down, or just living in misery, think about us! We’d love to talk to you about your concerns and help you and your pet experience a more relaxed and loving relationship.

Give Sunbelt Dog Training a call at 800.649.7297 or send an e-mail via our contact us form.