Meet Orlando Dog Trainer Stacy Cappleman!

If you have a dog suffering from a behavior issue, major or minor then you have come to the right place!!

Orlando Dog Trainer, Stacy Cappleman

Stacy Cappleman has a BS in Political Science, and minors in both International and Greek Studies from Drexel University.  She was a member of many clubs and organizations including being president of Gamma Sigma Sigma, a service sorority.  She attended law school for over a year while working as a full-time pet sitter and dog walker, but soon realized that she would rather continue working with pets. From there, she became trained in pet first aid and CPR through PetTech, joined professional groups such as Professional United Pet Sitters and Pet Sitters Associates, LLC., and became a certified dog trainer through the Canine Trade Group. Through Canine Trade Group’s highly-selective trainer course, Stacy learned canine behavior, operant conditioning, and the modern, reward-based techniques that she utilizes today through Sunbelt Dog Training!

Stacy loves working with dogs and considers every day a new adventure with different objectives and challenges.  She finds it rewarding to see dogs find behavioral success and balance in their lives. And with dog training being a team effort, Stacy also loves to see pet parents helping their dogs’ lives by committing to training.  Stacy loves to work with dogs of all breeds and no dog is considered “too challenging” for her to handle — from dogs with high levels of aggression to separation anxiety.

In her free time, Stacy likes to be as active as possible — biking, hiking, jogging and anything fitness!  Besides being a dog trainer, she also works on the side as a wedding officiant and sells jewelry on eBay.

For the best Orlando dog trainer, contact Stacy and she will help your dog overcome his/her behavior issues. Not only will she work with your dog, but she will work with YOU so that you as the owner have the confidence and necessary skills to happily communicate and grow with your dog! Our offices can be reached at 800.649.7297, or write Stacy on the contact page!