Meet the Office Team at Sunbelt Dog Training in Orlando, FL

If your dog is in need of a behavioral rescue, please don’t hesitate to call us at 800.649.7297 or reach us via email using the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you! 

John Van Olden – President/CEO

John Van Olden has used his twenty-plus years as a dog trainer to not only help dog owners realize their pets’ potential, but also to help fellow trainers realize theirs. As the president of Canine Trade Group, John only accepts trainers into his network if they meet a specific standard of education, experience, and professionalism. He then uses his network to put dog owners across the country in touch with in-home trainers in their area. CTG trainers are dedicated advocates of a healthy human/canine relationship, and they’ve all learned valuable tips from John. 

In addition to being the president of Canine Trade Group, John has trained dogs in the military, is responsible for starting the very first training franchise in the country, sat on the Board of Directors for the International Association of Canine Professionals, and was at one time the president of PAWSitive Solutions, the largest in-home training company in the U.S. His experience and industry know-how is an incredible asset to the CTG family.

Cristin Ellis – Operations Manager

Cristin Ellis is the Operations Manager for Canine Trade Group, and she works hard getting worried dog owners in touch with capable in-home trainers. As a dog trainer and owner herself, Cristin knows a lot about the way a dog’s mind works, and she can sympathize with owners who are frustrated with their dog’s behavior.

Cristin used to train dogs for agility competitions, but she found a problem she wasn’t used to dealing with in her first Border Collie, Sike!—fear aggression and resource guarding. After doing some research and figuring out how to handle the situation, she not only became a believer in CTG’s methods, but she also became dedicated to helping other owners realize that any behavior problem can be fixed. 

She lives with her husband and three Border Collies – Sike!, Elsa, and Phineas.

Nicole Zulkowski – Veterinary Relationship Manager 

Nicole knew ever since she was a young girl that she wanted dogs to be part of her life and career. Throughout high school and college, she worked different jobs that involved animals. Graduating with a BS in Biology from Ursinus College, Nicole began to look for work within the animal care field, and was employed as a veterinary technician and also a dog daycare technician/handler. After working with many dogs with a wide range of behaviors, Nicole was inspired to learn more about how these behaviors form, and also how to treat them.

Canine Trade Group is thrilled to have hired Nicole into the office staff. Along with her extensive knowledge on canine behavior and psychology, she also shows great care toward dog owners who are looking for ways to solve their dog’s behavioral issues. Nicole undertook the same trainer course that Canine Trade Group’s trainers did so that she could better address client questions, dog issues, and guide everyone to the right training protocol that would suit their needs and goals.

When she’s not busy helping other people and their dogs, she likes to hang out at home with her two dogs, Willow (a Pitbull mix) and Brooklyn (a Boston Terrier/Pug).


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